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Martin Luther King, Silenced by WMG copyright claim

July 23, 2010

Now whats wrong with this picture?

Warner Music Group, claim copyright on the “I have a Dream – speech.”

Also read on the internet:
Chaplin song silences U.K. charity girl

The 10-year-old budding actress’ effort to raise money for a U.K. children’s hospice through a homemade video has been dealt a setback by a copyright dispute with a New York-based publishing company that owns the rights to a song from a Charlie Chaplin movie.

I had to add this wonderful piece of remix: 🙂
Martin Luther King, Jr. Sings in Memphis

Lady GaGa vs Ika i rutan

July 17, 2010

I just saw this excellent video on youtube 🙂
A remix of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance together with clips from the swedish childrens program from the 80’s: “Ika i rutan”.
-What a trip!

And some words of wisdom/thought:

  • Most video’s like these are actually illegal today. It is against copyright laws to use songs like this, and videoclips like this, and remixe them and share them.
    But why?

    This is a great example of how someone has combined two things and put together a little masterpiece. With no intention of “stealing” or gaining profit. -Just for fun / being creative / tribute.

    I’d say we need the reform the copyright laws, before they totally screw up (unfortunately I guess they are already screwed up, but we can still fix them)

Det handlar inte om rätten att tanka fritt, utan rätten att tänka fritt

July 16, 2010

Roughly translated headline: Its not about the right to download for free, its about the right of free thinking.

Free download has became a symbolic question, and a reason for the old industries/politicians to disassemble fundamental Civil and political rights. In some cases they do it on purpose, in some cases they do not understand that their actions on preventing file-sharing, also prevents/breaks down the whole society.

Its not about free download. Its about:

  • The right of Privacy
  • Protection of sources
  • The right of Anonymity/Integrity
  • The right of not being surveilled
  • The right of sharing information and knowledge

Fundamental Civil and political rights