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Its a very interesting time to be in

August 1, 2010

I just finished watching an interview with Julian Assange, from the WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks recently released over 75,000 secret US military reports covering the war in Afghanistan. They discuss the WikiLeaks work and some of the secret documents they’ve released

(including the Collateral Murder video, with footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007. It shows Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, driver Saeed Chmagh, and several others as the Apache shoots and kills them in a public square in Eastern Baghdad.).

I find it very interesting, and im glad that they bring up this kind of information to the public.

A quote from the last part of the interview (jump to 18:25):

-Last question Julian.
When you think of the future then do u think its more likely to be big brother exerting more control more secrecy or us watching big brother? Or its just all to be played for either way?

-Im not sure which way its going to go, its enormous preasures to harmonize freedom of speach legislation and transparency legislation around the world. Within the EU, between China, United States. Which way is it going to go, its hard to see. Thats why its a very interesting time to be in. Because with just a little bit of effort we can shift it, one way or the other.

-Well it looks like im reflecting the audiences opinion to say:
Julian, be careful and all power to you.

I agree with Julian.

  • It is a very interesting time to be in.
  • With just a little bit of effort, we can shift it, one way or the other.
  • There is an election for the swedish Parliament in 48 days from now. Arrrrr 😉

    Unfortunately, the video ends before the war does.

    July 30, 2010

    IED Attacks as documented in the data leak by from Julian Assange’s Wikileaks overlaid on a NATO map of the area.

    *IED = Improvised Explosive Device

    The green explosions are ones in which no one was hurt, yellow ones are injuries only, and red ones are fatal IEDs. On the death and injury tallies, the left column is friendlies (including both allied forces and civilians), and the right column is so-called “enemies”.