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Lets fly to Jupiter

July 28, 2010

The sky is really clear and nice today. I think its full moon (or allmost full moon at least)

-The Moon

Anyways. I was playing around with my HTC Desire phone and trying a software called Google Sky Map.

-Google Sky Map for Android

With it, you can watch a map of the sky, and see all the visible stars and planets. You can point the android phone in any direction and the sky map follows your moves.

I noticed that it showed me that the planet Jupiter is above the horizon, and when I looked to the planets direction I was actually a bit surprised to see that the planet is visible to the naked eye. I didnt think you could see it so clearly. I pointed my android phone towards the planet, and took a couple of pictures. It actually managed to capture enough light, to make it visible on the photo.

Here, take a look 🙂


-Jupiter, zoomed in

Now I just need a “beam me up button” on the Android phone and im off to Jupiter 😉