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Another World – Heart of the Alien

June 11, 2011

Spoiler warning!

A game that I like, is the Another World.

The protagonist of the game is Lester Knight Chaykin, a young, athletic physicist. Lester arrives at his high-tech underground laboratory in his Ferrari during a thunderstorm, and continues to work on his experiment using a particle accelerator. Right before the particles reach their intended destination, lightning strikes the laboratory and interferes with the accelerator, causing the unforeseen teleportation of Lester to a barren, alien planet.

Recently, I was looking at some nostalgic youtube clips from this game.

Intro and a longplay showing the whole story of Another World:

Final stage and Ending of Another World:

I guess the ending was left open for the player to imagine what happened to Lester.

    -Did he survive?
    -Did he Die?
    -Did he find a way out of that world?
    -What happened to his alien friend?

When I finished looking through the videos, I noticed the comments to the video, saying that there was a Sequel to this game.

-Ah, Flashback, I thought to myself. I knew Flashback wasnt the real sequel, it was simply released after Another World and had similar gameplay but a completely different story.

But… the comments mentioned something called “Heart of the Alien“!

I had never heard of this game before. And to my great surprise it was a sequel/side story to the original Another World game.

Heart of the Alien is an action-adventure video game that was made by Interplay and released in 1994 for Sega CD. Heart of the Alien is a sequel to Another World (although it was made without the participation or approval of the original game’s designer) and continues the story directly from where the original ended. The game switches the player’s role from Another World; this time the player takes control of Buddy, the main character’s alien ally from the previous game.

Heart of the Alien intro:

The story picks up immediately after the end of Another World. Buddy lands the pterodactyl in the ruins of his village, lays Lester down on a cot to rest and walks through the village, thinking of his past. This sequence contains many flashbacks of events that lead up to Buddy’s capture and his and Lester’s escape from prison.

Scene in the middle of the game where Lester dies, when saving Buddys life:

Heart of the Alien Ending:

Buddy then sets off on a mission to find his electric whip and kill the red-eyed alien. Later, Lester joins, but is quickly separated from him. The red-eyed alien soon attacks Buddy, knocks him out, and then gets ready to shoot him. Lester sneaks in and is just about to attack when he gets noticed. The alien fires at him, but he retreats with the still-unconscious Buddy. Lester checks him and then suddenly jumps at the red-eyed alien, clinging to him, attacking him. The red-eyed alien eventually throws him into an electric chamber and drops and rolls with Lester getting numerous electric shocks before finally collapsing. The red-eyed alien then checks Lester. Knowing that he is dead, the red-eyed alien escapes unharmed.

Buddy soon awakens. Noticing that the red-eyed alien is missing, he goes out in search for him. Later, the red-eyed alien attacks him again, but he quickly fights back with his whip until he is over a grey floor. It tilts and the red-eyed alien falls to a lower floor. Walls reveal heckling prisoners. The red-eyed alien’s jaw drops when he notices a beast in a locked-up den. He yells for the prisoners to quiet, strikes a fighting pose, and then nods. Buddy then throws a switch and the beast’s den opens up. The red-eyed alien starts beating up the beast as it launches out until one of the prisoners suddenly kicks him. The beast strikes back, dripping blood, and then drags the screaming alien into the den. Freed villagers suddenly break into the slave prison, setting fire and killing guards. Cells open and prisoners run free. While trying to get out, Buddy comes across Lester’s body. He feels his forehead, only to realize that his alien friend is dead. He carries his body to his home village and puts him in a cremation coffin.

In the newly rebuilt village, Buddy hangs up his electric whip, pets his happy beast, and then eyes Lester’s coffin, which has yet to be buried. A wide shot of the village is then shown, with the destroyed slave prison in the background.

Lester Knight Chaykin died, helping his friend free hes people from slavery.
And as I see it, ultimately, he reached his mission. He found a way Out of that World.

Addition. Could Lester still be alive?:

The fact that our main caracter “Lester” died in this second game made me a bit sad.
I was thinking, Could Lester still be alive? Do we really know what happened to him?

Looking back it all began with a particle accelerator experiment that went wrong, when lighting struck and our hero woke up in this otherworld.
A big hole was left where Lester and the computer was. He was somehow transported to this “parallell” world but could he still be somewhere else or “stored” in that experiment-computer?

Longshots. But Im just thinking if this was an ultimate death or if there is any way to “pull an Alien 4 resurrection” on our hero here.

Maybe that electric shock that killed him in “Heart of the Alien” brought Lester back from that world, back to his home on earth.
The electric lighting bolt in the 1st game brought him to the otherworld. An electric shock could very well bring him “back” home, leaving an empty shell behind, that Buddy and his people later buried.

-Thus honoring the “Heart of the Alien” Lester who saved their people from slavery.

So, what do you think? Is Lester Knight Chaykin dead, or did he infact manage to get Out of this World?

-Im going to try and get hold of this game to the Sega CD and try it out.