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Gapminder – statistics beautifully visualized

July 26, 2010

Check this out!

Its a project called “Gapminder”, where you can watch different kind of statistics, like “Wealth & health of nations”, “Co2”, “What country has the highest child mortality”. All kind of interesting statistics. The interesting part is how the data is presented.

If you got 20 spare minutes, with nothing else to do, I recommend that you take a look at Hans Rosling demonstrating this tool.
You might even learn a thing or 2! Fun & education at the same time 🙂

And here is the link to Gapminder, where you can use the tool yourself and check and compare all kinds of different data and watch those beautiful colored countries/balls moving back and forth.

I was looking at the data showing “Who has the most Internet users (per 100 people).
Sweden is very high up on the list, but i noticed that after 2006, most of the countries are moving up, but Sweden is moving down the wrong direction. Why? Is it just a statistical error or is sweden falling behind?
Here’s a link: (look after 2006)