Michael Jackson and Sonic the Hedgehog?

I was clicking my way around some old Michael Jackson videos on youtube today, as I guess at least half the worlds population probably might have done any of the last couple of days, checking for old memories. Michael Jacksons music is pretty much timeless.

-like the Mozart of of our time

When our grandchildren will listen to to classic musik from a lost era, they will be listening to Michael Jackson. Here are two clips I stumbled upon, from the performance at the Motown 25th Anniversary, 1983:

-(Part1) Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5

-(Part2) Michael at stage, performing Billie Jean. The crowd go crazy 🙂

After I listened to this, and watched some other videos, I came to think about other music that I like. Im a big fan of all different kind of video game music. There are some small similarities in Michael Jacksons Billie Jean, and the music in an old video game that I like:


There are not many similarities, but some. 00:16 in this clip:

-F-Zero (White Land)

The feeling and soul of music in many games from the late 80s and 90s reminds me a bit of Jacksons music or vice versa. It has that same touch in the music, that todays games dont really have. -Perfection…

I played a lot of SEGA when i was a kid, and a couple of games I came across were:

-Michael Jacksons Moonwalker

-Sonic the hedgehog

-Moonwalker & Sonic

Now comes the interesting part. When Sonic 3 was created by SEGA, Michael Jackson was brought in to compose the music for the game. However when he was accused for sexually molesting a young boy, SEGA dropped him out from the project. But when listening to the music in Sonic 3, there are certainly still some similarities to Jacksons music. They didnt manage to remove him completely from the game. And he didnt get any credit at all for the music in the game as I understand it. There is no doubt that the end song of Sonic 3 is based on Michael Jacksons Stranger in Moscow. Listen to this:

-Sonic 3 end music

-Michael Jacksons – Stranger in Moscow

-Sonic 3 end song mixed with Stranger in Moscow

-Michael Jackson’s Sonic 3 documentary

-Michael Jackson – A Tribute with Sonic 3

-Sonic 3 – IceCap together with Michael Jacksons – Who Is It

    -Listen at 01:00 in the last clip.

Its a bit facinating how different kind of things seem to cross paths in all kind of strange ways.

-The fastest feet on earth, and Sonic 😉

Article at sega-16 about MJ and Sonic

21:40 Edit-
Here’s a bonus movie for you by the way.

-Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – with a giant white glove

This is an experiment for the White Glove Tracking project, made with Java and processing.
the white glove tracking project is here: http://www.whiteglovetracking.com/
my page is here:


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