The Greenwood Tarot – what will my next 6 months be like?

My questions: What will my next 6 months be like?

3 cards.

Card 1: The overall Theme of the 6 months
Card 2: A challenge, an obstacle or enemy
Card 3: An allied, a friend or a good thing

The first card is Justice.

We are responsible for our actions and must be aware of their consequences. (both individually and as a civilization). Spring equinox, sunrise, fire, unversal lore. The energy of creative fire warms and enlightens your soul. Some kind of adjustment or interaction. Responsibility. Justice. Honesty, integrity, trust. Judgement.

The second card is Page of Cups, Kingfisher.

Autumn, a youth or child, male or female. Water. Ability to dive beneth water and catch fish. Symbol of ancient wisdom and lore. Equally at home in the air or in the water. Colors of the rainbow. Relationships, love, intuition, empathy, spiritual, emotions, being of the soul.

The third card is Two of Stones, Challenge.

Hares box for domination. After finding grounded energy, your position may be challenged. Learning to deal with rivalry or adversity. Material wealth, achievements, possessions, security, skills, being of the world. winter. earth.

So, what does this mean, what will my next 6 months be like?
The theme of the coming months will be Justice. It might mean a creative period for me where I might gain some sort of responsibility, honesty and I will encounter an adjustment or judgement in some sort of way.

I cant really see what kind of challenge I will have to take on. It seems like some kind of emotional challenge. Relationships, emotions, empathy. In some way ancient wisdom will also challenge me. Could it be something from the past that will rise up and be some sort of challenge or obstacle?

When looking at the good thing, I will find some kind of stability. But then something or someone will challenge me, in a positive way. I think this could be something that kind of bump into me making me take another way leading to something better. Or it might make me improve some skills in any area. Something like that. This also seem to be affecting my wealth in a positive way. I might not need to be worried about money or income.


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